Embrace Digital World: "Idea Explorer" Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Summer Program

"Idea Explorer" Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Summer Program had to suspend last year due to the impact of COVID-19. After adjustment and revision, it came back on June 17th with the theme of Embrace Digital World. It allows participants to unlock different facets of knowledge sets targeting entrepreneurship in digital world and find fascination and uniqueness of Hangzhou, a city that Marco Polo called “the finest and the most splendid in the world”.


Designed for students from overseas partner universities, "Idea Explorer" Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Summer Program is an English summer program focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. The summer program has been planned and organized by ZJU-SOM since 2012 and has developed its 3+1 program modules, namely entrepreneurship academic lectures, company visit, cultural immersion and business plan.


Different from past years, the summer program this year is totally operated online by the program website, considering the impact of COVID-19 still remains. In order to ensure the quality and vitality of the online program, academic courses and company visits are pre-recorded and a video clip of travelling around Hangzhou will be released online. The website of the program breaks the geographical and time zone barriers and enables participants to have flexible schedules. Participants are welcomed to leave their questions and comments in our message board. The program will last until July 2nd, for more information, please visit Idea Explorer Global Summer Program.