Outgoing Exchange Opportunities
Globalize your horizon! We offer student exchange with over 36 business schools in 21 countries/regions around the world. Exchange allow ZJU-SOM students to complete a semester or a year of study at a partner university! You will explore, learn, grow abroad, while earning credit toward your ZJU degree, but only paying your normal ZJU tuition. Plan ahead!
Plan Your Exchange

Getting Started
Fall-Winter Semester and Spring-Summer Semester
Application opens: March

Spring-Summer Semester only
Application opens: June

To participate in exchange program, you need to pay attention to the recruiting information at ZJU-SOM intranet.

Step 1: Confirm your eligibility
The exchange program is open to ZJU-SOM students with good academic performance and who meet the requirements set by partner universities.

Undergraduates must have a sophomore, junior or senior standing

Step 2:Get nominated by ZJU-SOM

Step 3: Complete your application
Once nominated, you need to complete the exchange program application of host university. You will receive detailed instructions about the application process when nominated.

Step 4: Take pre-departure steps
Prepare your visa, insurance, accommodation, flight etc.

Step 5: Stay in contact
During the exchange period, please stay in contact with us.

Step 6: Credit Transfer and Study Fund
After the exchange, you will be able to transfer the credits earned at the host university and apply for funding.

Discover Your World
Student Exchange Scholarship

ZJU-SOM offers student exchange scholarship that covers 50%-100% of your qualified expenses.

*ZJU-SOM reserves the right to withdraw full or partial fund if students fail to fulfill the funding conditions and criteria set by the University or the School.