Message from the Dean

Since its establishment in 1980, the School of Management at Zhejiang University has always adhered to the University motto of “Seeking truth and pursuing innovation.” The School has been developing alongside China’s economic globalization during the waves of reform and opening-up. For decades, we have been committed to excellence in teaching, research, and social services, advocating the value of “cultivating the healthy power leading the future of China.”

We persist in delving into the forefront of Chinas economic and social development. We have witnessed the arduous journey and profound changes on this land, and gained insights into the resilience embedded in the veins of Chinas economy. Our unique perspective is firmly grounded in comprehending China from Zhejiang University.

We adhere to combining international academic norms with China’s management contexts. Through high-level scientific research, we develop and disseminate management theories and methods developed in China’s business environment, and aims to establish the ZJU school of management thought.

We maintain the courage to go against the current in our pursuit of truth. We anchor our efforts in science and rationality and take responsibility, passion and commitment as the foundation to serve needs of the nation and to drive social progress. We pay tribute to the spirits who honor commitment and take practical actions in fostering Chinas industrial and business development as well as reform and opening-up.

The School of Management at Zhejiang University is committed to rooting in the exemplary practices of innovation and entrepreneurship of Chinese enterprises. We aim to forge new theories and methods in the field of management, contribute to management thinking and wisdom for humanity, and cultivate innovative and visionary leaders with international perspective, innovation capability, entrepreneurial spirit, and social responsibility.

Looking ahead, we will leverage the diverse and collaborative research atmosphere of ZJU and place greater emphasis on interdisciplinary integration, spawning greater creativity and innovation, and generating greater impact. This will facilitate an in-depth integration of technological innovation and business education, serving the high-quality development of Chinas economy and the construction of a modern industrial system. We extend a warm invitation to those with shared values to join us in striving together to build a world leading business school rooted in China!

Xiao-Yun XIE
Executive Dean, School of Management
Zhejiang University