Student Life
Student Clubs and Societies

Enrich your ZJU experience, cultivate meaningful connections, and be a part of the greater whole of ZJU-SOM. With over 160 student clubs and organizations, ZJU supports communities among students with similar interests and aspirations. At ZJU, you can achieve whatever personal growth you choose through sharing knowledge and skills, engaging with teamwork and leadership opportunities, and expanding your perspective on career planning. Be a part of meaningful, multifaceted student communities and projects outside of the classroom, forge connections with your peers and future colleagues, and elevate your experience at ZJU.

ZJU-SOM Student Union
Student Union of the School is run and led by student representatives and open to all students. Student Union strives to represent students and make their voice heard, facilitating student involvement in School’s governance and development. Student Union also holds various activities and events, facilitating student learning through a variety of facilities and services. Join us and realize your potential to lead, create and impact.
Academic Associations
Various student-led academic associations are set up to lead and foster academic engagement and independent learning. Academic associations plan events, organize workshops, and invite business professionals to different activities. Get engaged with our student academic community and explore avenues related to your academic or personal interest.
Financial Quotient Club
Leader: LI Mingyuan
ZJU Qiushi Finance Association
Leader: ZHENG Tianyi
Logistics Association
Leader: ZHOU Qunkai
ZJU-Human Resource Management Association (ZJU-HRMA)
Leader: SONG Yuxuan
Information Management and Information Systems Society
Leader: XU Xinyuan
Marketing Club
Leader: ZHU Yiran
Student Clubs
Djembe Club
Djembe Club is consisted of a group of djembe drumming enthusiasts believing in rhythm and tone, in freedom and in joy. As one of the most active clubs on campus, they plan events on and off campus and perform at various events and activities as well.
Leader: ZHANG Shubo
Fingertip Arts and Crafts Club
Established in 2016, Fingertip Arts and Crafts Club is the first in ZJU to specialize in preserving and promoting traditional handicraft art and culture. The club has demonstrated more than ten art forms and techniques including classical carvings on peach stone and paper, old-fashioned origami, paper cutting, as well as old-time umbrellas and lanterns, both of which are defined as intangible culture. The club holds events such as “Arts and Crafts Festival” “Handicraft Experience” and a winner for “Top 10 clubs in ZJU”.
Leader: LYU Jinze
Events and Activities

Passionate about sports, drama, or art? We offer a vibrant array of activities that let you explore what makes you who you are. The choice is yours, from exciting competitions to sporting events, to social occasions and memorable ceremonies—be creative, push your limits, and light up your ZJU-SOM experience.

Support and Services
The Student Affairs and Career Development Office is dedicated to supporting you with your learning and life in ZJU-SOM

Overseas Exchange

The International Cooperation and Accreditation Office runs student exchange programs, from the nomination stage to applications, registration, orientation, transcript confirmation, and assignment of exchange partners.

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Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Office manages day-to-day administrative issues such as course registration, scheduling, and curriculum review, coordinating with faculty and students.



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Student Affairs and Career Development

The Student Affairs & Career Development Office coordinates resources to support the academic and personal development of ZJU-SOM students.

·         Advising and counseling on academic and career plans

·         Providing feedback on how you can make the most of your time outside the classroom

·         Guiding you on applications for financial aid and scholarship

·         Offering referrals to other departmental resources across


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