Master of Professional Accounting

Our double degree MPAcc program is in collaboration with Tulane University. It gathers the nation’s most exceptional students with nearly 70% of the current student body selected from students who are exempt from National Postgraduate Entrance Exam in Management. The program is designed to transfer concepts and practical knowledge of professional accounting to help students develop their conceptual and analytical abilities for the attainment of professional accounting qualifications.  MPAcc Program has cooperation with CIMA (The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants), AIA and Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

28 enrollees
from 568 applicants (2019 Cohort)
2.5 years
length of study
For applicants who are exempt from National Postgraduate Entrance Examination in management, the program committee selects candidates based on their application materials and performances in the follow-up interview session. The interview panel consists of five faculty members and they will assess the applicants’ professional skills, English language proficiency, critical thinking and analytical skills.

Other applicants need to take the National Postgraduate Entrance Examination in Management first and then attend the second-round assessment which consists of English listening test and interview.
Student Voices

This is a process of learning how to apply knowledge to practice. The teacher guide us to pay attention to economic hotspots, deepen the real case, and achieve the effect of integrating theory and practice conclusions.

ZHANG Xinhui, MPAcc Cohort 2018