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Our MBA program provides an unparalleled opportunity to expand your mind, challenge your thinking, exercise leadership, and tap into your entrepreneurial enthusiasm. It is designed to be completed in two years, studying full-time, and 30 months, studying part-time. The program can be undertaken with a general management curriculum alongside tailored tracks catering to different interests and career paths.

Student cohort
Enrollment per Year (incl. full-time MBA and part-time MBA)
Average Age
Average Working Experience
Average Salary
Male-Female Ratio
MBA Tracks
1 Entrepreneurship Management
Entrepreneurship Management track is designed for those who are eager to develop knowledge and understanding of start-ups and entrepreneurship. It is of particular interest to entrepreneurs and those seeking to start their own business.
2 Business Analytics and Applications
Business Analytics and Applications track is the intersection of business and data science for employed professionals. It prepares students to utilize big data, statistical analysis, and data visualization to understand business, predict outcomes and build plans.
3 Capital Market
Capital Market track is designed for students with strong interest in spheres in capital market activities. It offers courses on both traditional finance and capital market-related topics. Possible future careers include financial analyst, portfolio manager, investment banker, CFO, etc.
4 Human Resource Management
HRM track is designed for HR professionals seeking to gain an enhanced skill set of business operations and leverage their leadership skills. It provides a foundation in traditional management topics and real-world HR applications that are necessary to spearhead corporate HR functions.
5 Healthcare Industry Management
Healthcare Management track provides expertise in healthcare industry and explores the best practices for successful and sustainable business models. It equips students with knowledge and tools that are necessary for them to excel in leadership roles in healthcare industry.
6 Culture and Tourism Industry Management
Culture and Tourism Industry Management track aims to give students a competitive edge in this highly competitive and thriving sector. It is designed for those looking to advance their careers in tourism, hospitality and leisure industry.
Curriculum - MBA Tracks
Application Requirements
For Domestic Applicants:
Master degree with at least 2-year work experience, or bachelor degree with at least 3-year work experience.
Further information for Domestic Applicants, please visit: Zhejiang University MBA

For Overseas Applicants, please visit: International College
Contact Information
Stay Close
Keep pace with the industry throughout your ZJU MBA journey.
Action learning
As ZJU MBA students, you will gain real world experience by visiting enterprises for in-depth research and problem diagnosis, and carrying out group discussions to identify, analyze and come up with innovative solutions. Representatives from enterprises attend the briefing session, listening to and evaluating plans and solutions proposed by your teams.

Guest speaker
Each year, over 60 esteemed scholars, business professionals and thought leaders are invited to the program, sharing their unique expertise and experience and offering insights across a range of industries and disciplines.

Mentorship programs
We intend to add value to your degree by inviting alumni and business leaders to guide and support your learning and career journey, while broadening your professional network.
Overseas Experience
Our Study Abroad Program offers you different perspectives on your field of study to broaden your skills and knowledge.
A year, a semester, or a week? Find the best option for you.
Overseas Semester Exchange
Choose from our global network and study for one semester at our partner institutions as part of your degree.

Overseas Short-Term Study
Immerse yourself in different cultures and gain insights into global business practices and entrepreneurial experience through our themed short-term study.

Overseas Internship
Current students and alumni with innovative ability and entrepreneurial spirit will be selected to Silicon Valley for a two-week entrepreneurial practice.

Previous Destinations
Job Placement
Our MBA program endeavors to provide students with professional sessions and career development service to access a range of employment possibilities. Our graduates make progress in their career developmennt by taking promoted roles, seeking different career directions, or starting their own business.
Personalized careers counseling

Our careers coaches work with you on all aspects of your career development. Whether you want to define your career plan, revamp your CV and covering letters, improve your interview skills, or choose between job offers, an experienced careers coach is available to consult with you on your professional well-being.

Alumni mentors

Professional careers seminars and talks connect students with alumni and employers for career advice and mentorship. In addition, students regularly visit alumni in their companies, where they observe real-time challenges, share ideas, and refine their thinking.

Internship bases

Our wide selection of internship bases allows you to broaden your professional experience, with the Zhejiang University Technology Venture Program providing international internship opportunities. In addition, several students are chosen to visit incubators and accelerators in Silicon Valley to conduct entrepreneurial projects every year.

Student Voices

It is interesting to be an MBA student after seven years of work. My teachers are engaging and professional; my classmates from different industries are friendly and stimulating. Here, you can learn cutting-edge business theory in classes and lectures while getting ideas and inspiration from combining ideas.

- HU Binbin, MBA (part-time), Class of 2018

The ZJU MBA teaches management theories and practical solutions to real work situations. It makes a reality out of ZJU MBA’s slogan, leading the future of China. The ZJU MBA also encourages students to gain hands-on experience in management principles through case competition, study abroad programs, consulting internships, and incubator experiences. The experience I gained during the program has inspired me to become a professional and leader with a global vision, the ability to innovate, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a strong sense of social responsibility.

The past two years of study for the ZJU MBA have opened my eyes to management theory and practical experiences. I have attended a case study competition, leadership speech practices, and real-case simulations. I have also participated in novel activities, including professional speeches, field trips, and global exchange programs. At ZJU, I have enjoyed the fantastic stadium, the magnificent landscape, and the exciting atmosphere on campus. LOVE ZJU MBA.

- LOU Qiongyu, MBA (full-time), Class of 2017

I was thrilled to return and study for the ZJU MBA in my prime. It has elevated my career potential and enriched the horizons of my life while I systematically acquired management knowledge and tools.

The most important thing for me was the people. Both my teachers and classmates were sharp, talented, and focused. The connections I made here have proven to be my most valuable asset.

“Seeking Truth, Pursuing Innovation” is always in my mind, thanks to Zhejiang University and the MBA Center!

- SHEN Zhenggui, MBA (part-time), Class of 2018