WU Bo: CEO, Zhejiang Qusu Technology Co., Ltd.;EMBA Cohort 2013

"Only when there is a country can there be a family, and when the country is in need, it can only get stronger when everyone is doing their best."

At the beginning of 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic outbreaks, the whole country is fighting against the pandemic and people are trying to contribute their own strength. WU Bo, as the alumnus of ZJU-SOM and CEO of Zhejiang Qusu Technology Co., Ltd., has been running around to raise medical supplies for hospitals. He and his friend have donated more than 150,000 masks to the hospitals and communities, amounted to more than RMB 500,000. Through WU Bo's drive and influence, his business friends have donated more than RMB 3 million.

WU Bo is the epitome of tens of thousands of Zhejiang merchants. In this pandemic, Zhejiang entrepreneurs have once again showed their persistence and sense of social responsibility.

MAO Lei: Vice-President & General Manager, Ningbo Yongxin Optics Co., Ltd.; EMBA Cohort 2005

"I have always believed that the rise and prosperity of China's optical and micro-optical industries is the responsibility of our generation, but I also know that the distance between dream and reality is very far."

The project "Super-resolution Optical Micro-Nano Imaging Technology" completed by MAO Lei and his colleagues have won the second price of National Award for Technological Invention. And as the head of the lens technology and manufacturing project team of "Chang-E 2" and "Chang-E 3", Mao Lei has created legends in the industry.

Under the leadership of MAO Lei, Yongxin Optics, as a supplier of China's optical precision instruments and core optical components, has led the formulation of the international standard of ISO9345 microscope, which is the first time that Chinese people have led the formulation of the international standard in the field of microscope and endoscope, which also means that China's optical industry has gained a certain voice in the international arena. Today, MAO Lei, who enjoys the titles of "engineering and technology expert enjoying special government allowance of the State Council" and "young scientific and technological expert of China's mechanical industry", has not stopped his steps and still devoted himself to the research and development of optical instruments.

ZHANG Xianyun: Director, Sanya Zhongtairui Accounting Firm; EMBA Cohort 2015

"Everyone should have a clear conscience."

In order to break the hidden rules of the industry and purify the atmosphere of the industry, ZHANG Xianyun established her own firm, Sanya Zhongtairui Accounting Firm. She leads her team to create a healthy and orderly platform for the young people entering the industry, and tries her best to maintain a clean and healthy professional environment for herself.

In addition to her own work, she is also actively engaged in volunteer work and social service. She has donated more than RMB 200,000 for various charity projects, and actively participated in activities such as voluntary blood donation.

QIU Jialin: Founder of Weimai; MBA Cohort 2007

"It's Weimai's mission to ease the medical and health services, which is also the pursuit of a better life for people."

Founded in 2015, Weimai has been focusing on the field of Internet health care. Through the application and promotion of new technology and new service mode, it has fulfilled the corporate mission of "ease the medical and health services", and is committed to building the largest localized one-stop health care service platform in China. As the founder of Weimai, QIU Jialin has been awarded the title of "pioneering and innovative person" in the annual health circle award (2018-2019) of "salute to the power of climbing" for his pioneering exploration of the third generation of "Internet+" new health mode.

JIANG Feng: Member, ZJU-SOM MBA Desert-Eagle Outdoor Club; MBA Cohort 2016

"A self-disciplined, positive person who keeps his love and passion for life is fearless of any crisis and challenge."

Under an intensive work pressure and challenge, JIANG Feng relaxed himself through outdoor cross-country. As a member of ZJU-SOM MBA Desert-Eagle Outdoor Club, he has participated in the desert challenge and also challenged the 6,000 m. Yu Everest and 7,546 m. Muztag Ata. From the snow of Kilimanjaro to the sand of Tengri, it has been all left his tracks.

WANG Min: CEO, Lattice Power; Board Chairman, Nanchang Opto Valley; Board Chairman, Changfang Group; PhD Enterprise Management Cohort 2001

Take the road of independent innovation and practice the principle of "Chinese Core, China Dream".

WANG Min is a professor-level senior engineer, the first prize winner of the National Technology Invention Award, and the leader of silicon base LED technology industry. He has been devoted to LED industry for nearly 20 years, leading the team to achieve the industrialization of silicon base LED technology, which has broken the technology monopoly of Europe, the United States, Japan and other foreign countries, and affected the world semiconductor lighting technology pattern. He led crystal energy optoelectronics to take the road of independent innovation, developed silicon base LED technology into the third blue LED technology route in the world, and won the first prize of 2015 National Technology Invention Award. In addition, he also built an initial silicon led industrial chain around the independent innovation of silicon LED technology, which made an important contribution to the development of China's LED industry.

TAN Wenqing: Board Chairman, Dingnuo Technology; Founder, Enoch Education; Msc Science & Engineering Cohort 1985

Life is about not being afraid of setbacks, but going forward.
After his graduation as a postgraduate, TAN Wenqing stayed as a teacher in the School of Management of Zhejiang University. He once served as the Board Chairman of Guobin Medical, the first large-scale health examination institution in Shanghai. During his tenure, he led the company to form an alliance with ikang, established GBPE, introduced international famous investment institutions such as Merrill Lynch and successfully landed on NASDAQ. In addition, he used to ride the whirlwind in the investment banking industry and completed the PE investment in 9 listed companies. Nowadays, he has returned to the education field. From investing in tens of millions of projects with a return of 20 to 30 times, to entering the education industry that cannot be calculated in money, he hopes to create value and emotion through learning, and warm more people with the wisdom wealth.

FANG Qin: Board Chairman & CEO, YBREN; Msc Science & Engineering Cohort 2003

FANG Qin is a serial entrepreneur. She founded Hangzhou Qinglang Translation Co., Ltd. during her study for the master's degree. And when she got her master's degree, the company had made more than RMB 150,000 net profits for three consecutive months. After graduation, she participated in the founding of and became CEO of the company at the end of 2007, and helped the company to triple its performance in five consecutive years, being titled as CCTV2 "China's Entrepreneurial Model" and "2014 Zhejiang University Entrepreneurial Alumni". In December 2014, she founded YBREN, entering into the advanced clothing customization industry with internet thinking and industry 4.0 and realizing the financing of two rounds of ten million investment just in 7 days.


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