Start Date: September
2.5 years

The Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management (GMSCM) Program is a double-degree program co-founded with Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University (Montreal, Canada). Upon completion of the GMSCM program, you will be awarded an MBA degree from Zhejiang University and a Master in Management degree from McGill University. The Program takes place at Zhejiang University in China and targets high-potential managers in manufacturing, services and logistics industries as well as entrepreneurs.

Student cohort
average age
working experience
RMB in average salary
The program takes place in Hangzhou, where Zhejiang University resides, with options for a semester of courses in Montreal and a summer trip.
Scholarships are provided by Zhejiang University, McGill University and our corporate partners. More than 50% of students have received scholarships in the program. 
Graduates from GMSCM program have access to the vast alumni network and services provided by both universities, such as networking events, career development, internships, etc.
For Domestic Applicants
For Foreign Applicants
Step 1. Complete the online application form via ZJU MBA APPLICATION SYSTEM (
A copy of your ID/Passport
Curriculum Vitae in Chinese and English
Personal statement in Chinese and English. They should include study and work experience, reasons for application, career goals over the next 10 years, and a description of the value you would bring to your classmates (on A4 paper, Font 5).
For each university-level institution you have attended to date, please provide transcripts both in original language and English translation (original or notarized copy). The transcripts must include courses and grades for each year attended.

For those institutions where a degree has been obtained:

- Certificate of Graduation, both in original language and English translation (original or notarized copy).

- Certificate of Bachelor’s Degree, both in original language and English translation (original or notarized copy).

English proficiency test: iBT or IELTS (must be within a two year period)

Two Letters of Recommendation in Chinese or English. You must identify on the application form two referees who are familiar with your work, and who are willing to write letters of recommendation. Provide a valid institutional email address for each referee. Both letters must be written on company/university letterheads, signed and dated.

Company description and relevant organization chart with your position clearly marked (on a A4 paper, Font 5).

(Optional) If you have your own company, please provide the copies of Business License, Capital Verification or Shareholder Agreement.

(Optional) If you have overseas experience, please provide the hard copies of the first page and visa page of your passport with other proof documents (e.g. Certificate for study or proof of company you worked for).

(Optional) Please provide the copies of your certificates, if you have awards above prefectural and city level, professional certificates or job titles.

Step 2. Interview
Once documents are submitted, the Admissions Committee will selectthe candidates to be interviewed. An interview invitation will be sent to your application email.
Those applicants who pass the interview will be asked to submit an online application to McGill University.
Step 3. Submit the results of National Entrance Examination.

Step 4. Register for Zhejiang University MBA Program

Register for Zhejiang University MBA Programand Complete the graduate studies online application form on uApply (learn more at

GMSCM program candidates must be officially admitted by Zhejiang University and McGill University.

Offer of admission will be made on a first-come basis to qualified candidates.

Please contact Ms. CAO Siyuan at for more information.

Apply through International Education College
Submit an application to the International College of Zhejiang Univerisity

You also need to provide score of one of the following exams: GMAT or GRE (must be within a five year period)



36P-3P-90 Zhejiang University MBA Full Time

36P-3P-77 Zhejiang University MBA, Part Time


3673 Zhejiang University MBA

Interview: Once documents are submitted, the Admissions committee will selectthe candidates to be interviewed by phone or video conference. An interview invitation will be sent to your application email.

Contact Information: 

Ms. CAO Siyuan

Tel: +86-571- 88206810

Student Voices

During the past one semester, professors guided us to review all the issues stand in the global perspective of view, used the systematic theory to complement the knowledge and then the logically simulation to deliver the final result, we all benefits from this constructively development to build the entire knowledge framework. The same goal brings all students to learn together, encourage each other to achieve our dream together. I still feel this is the most wisely choice for this program and I am happy to make this happen.

LAI Qian, GMSCM 2017

Procurement Manager, Indirect Materials & Services
Weidmueller Interface (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Other than professional knowledge itself, there are two things that I value most, First, the discussions with classmates from various backgrounds are inspiring. You can always learn something new from others. Second, the study experience has cultivated my desire and ability of continuous learning, which is essential for the rest of my life.

GMSCM Program helped me jump up of what I am familiar with, reshaped my knowledge structure and prepared me for the future.

JI Peiwei, GMSCM 2016

President Secretary, Shanghai YTO Express (Logistics) Co., Ltd‍.