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2021 ZJU-SOM Business Plus International Winter Program organized by the School of Management of Zhejiang University (ZJU-SOM) was successfully concluded. 6 scholars were invited to give 6 extraordinary lectures respectively. TAO Jingqiao, alumnus of ZJU-SOM, shared her PhD life in Singapore to participants. 106 ZJU-SOM students from home and abroad exchanged ideas and had in-depth discussions with 6 scholars on operations management, leadership research, profit marketing, stock market liberalization, intellectual property management, etc.

6 Scholars

Communication and presentation are the best forms of brainstorming. The first lecture was given by Dr. Long He from National University of Singapore. What impressed students most was his introduction of nine commonly used data mining tools. Dr. He gave series of examples as well as quizzes to help students obtain a better grasp on the knowledge.

Professor Lynda Song from University of Leeds, who gave a keynote lecture on "Frontiers in Leadership Research", introduced 6 leading fields of leadership research including humble leadership, service leadership, moral leadership, etc.

Associate Professor Yunchuan Liu from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign introduced the topic of profit Marketing to students, starting with the question "How to make every HR want to hire you", using the 4P Marketing mix strategy as the method, and leading the students to the conclusion of "Marketing for Profits".

Associate Professor Richard Tunstall from University of Leeds lectured on entrepreneurship. He introduced some key theories and knowledge related to entrepreneurship, combining 2 specific cases to give a practical perception.

On the last day of the program, Dr. Jamie Tong from The University of Queensland gave a lecture on Liberalization of China’s Stock Market and Its Implications, elucidating this topic from five aspects: corporate governance, information environment and disclosure, earnings quality, value relevance of accounting information, and external audit.

Professor Frans Greidanus introduced intellectual property through practical cases, such as trade secrets, patent rights and world patent law. He explained that Business strategy without intellectual property is useless, and China is making progress towards building a better IP strategy.

The program comes to the end, and students were inspired by the program. One of the students said: “The program provided a very comprehensive overview on some really important topics. Some of the topics were taught by industry experts with amazing practical approach which really enhanced my knowledge. Also, some topics like the insights of China’s stock market and IP legislation and rules in China were very informative. Overall, this is a very pleasant experience and I have learnt a great deal from all the lecturers.”

Source: REN Yue, LIAO Xuan, ZHANG Hanru