2021 Business Plus Inernational Winter Program successfully launched

On January 29, 2021, the Business Plus International Winter Program organized by the School of Management of Zhejiang University was officially launched. There are 93 undergraduate students and 13 international students of PIEGL masters degree participating in this program. Impacted by epidemic, the program adopts a full-online mode and invites 6 famous scholars from five world-famous universities to give lectures, so that students can experience the authentic overseas classes without leaving home.

Prof. ZHOU Weihua, Associate Dean of School of Management, Ms. PAN Jian, Associate Dean of School of Management, and Associate Professor WANG Liang attended the opening ceremony.

To begin with, Prof. ZHOU Weihua addressed that the program aims to make campers to learn from each other and open horizon for campers internationally through online lectures by famous scholars. He hoped that the campers could study down-to-earth to gain something from this program. Finally, he extended his New Year wishes to all campers.

Subsequently, Ms. PAN Jian expressed her hope that campers can create academic atmosphere and team work spirit during program. Furthermore, she emphasized the necessity of the program for the talent cultivation. At the end of the speech, she expressed her sincere wishes to the campers.

Then, Associate Professor WANG Liang trained the campers on social etiquette including basic social etiquette, table manner and business etiquette. Finally, she expressed good wishes to all campers.

In the last part, program teaching assistant Ms. YU Yinong gave an orientation and Mr. WANG Jiali emphasized online class manner.

In the next few days, all campers will join in the wonderful academic sharing of business analysis, leadership, marketing, entrepreneurship, accounting and intellectual property brought by 6 lecturers from the National University of Singapore, University of Leeds, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, The University of Queensland and Tilburg University.

Source : REN Yue, LIAO Xuan, ZHANG Hanru