An introduction to a master degree program BAI@QTEM

BAI@QTEM is a 2.5-year master degree program in Business Analytics and Innovation in collaboration with Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management, an international network bringing together outstanding students, Academic Partners and International Corporations. It highlights learning and practice in business analytics and quantitative techniques to support students in future careers. With 24 partner universities in 17 countries for academic exchange, the program aims to cultivate new talents with the international vision, innovation ability, entrepreneurship and social responsibility. Students will get a master’s degree from Zhejiang University and a QTEM certificate upon completion of the required level of one QTEM module, and mandatory academic exchange at partner universities and internship participation of at least 220 hours. What this program impresses the students most? Let’s find out the answer in the following video.

QU Wenguang

Associate Professor, School of Management, Zhejiang University

Program director

“The world nowadays is data-driven, that’s the reason why we develop this program. Our program tries to help people deal with the data-driven world, and help students to learn all kinds of knowledge to analyze the data and, to find the solutions based on the data. Our program welcomes students from different majors, whether science or arts background. The students are supposed to have a basic idea about mathematics and programming, as well as an innovative mindset. We give you a tool, but how to find the problem and solve it, you need to do it innovatively.”

“I think our master program is a very good choice for those who want to apply a Ph.D., because this program requires a master thesis, which is simpler compared to a Ph.D. thesis. You can get some experience on how to do research through this program. After finishing it, you will know whether you are suitable for the research or not.”

LIN Congyin

Student, BAI@QTEM

“I think the most impressive curriculum during my study is data mining, which is also a very important skill in this major. It teaches me machine learning, some models, coding tasks and lots of mathematical skills. I also met my research project in this class.”

LI Lei

Alumnus, BAI@QTEM

“When I was an undergraduate, I’ve never imagined I would look for a job in academia. But the experience in Zhejiang University, from the school  courses to this research program, I met many supervisors who finally made a difference to what I think about my future.”


Student, BAI@QTEM

“As for my plans after graduation, I think I will work as an operation research scientist in a company like Alibaba. Also, there are opportunities to exchange in other universities. I plan to exchange in Hec Montréal, which has one of the most advanced operation research teams with whom I can exchange ideas.”

Source: Zhejiang University Official Website

Video credit: School of Management, Zhejiang University