How much do I think about U?

Guest Profile

Dr. HE Zilin is an associate professor in the Management Department at Tilburg University. His research interests include ambidextrous organization, behavioral theory of the firm, and innovation. He is also interested in research methods, especially U-shaped relationships and 3-way interactions. He has published in journals such as Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Research Policy, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Scientific Data, among others, receiving over 2500 citations in the Web of Science and over 6500 in Google Scholar. 


Without much loss of nuance, statistical significance asks this question: Is there an effect? Substantive significance is concerned with a more important question: How much of the effect is there?  Likewise, we sometimes want to know whether and to what extent we have a U-shaped relationship. To rephrase it, do I think about U and how much do I think about U? In this workshop, after a brief introduction to statistical vs. substantive significance and two general approaches to evaluate effect size, Dr. He will explain his ideas and procedures to assess the effect size or magnitude of a) a quadratic X-Y relationship, b) turning point shift, and c) flattening/steepening. Besides linear moderation of a quadratic X-Y relationship as the above, Dr. He will also explore with the workshop participants how to establish the magnitude of quadratic moderation of a linear X-Y relationship.