With the support of ZJU-SOM, the Tibetan E-commerce shop reached the sales of RMB 1.25 million
"Hi, welcome to the live stream of Nyingchi House of Tibet. Nyingchi locates in the valley of the Yarlung Zangbo River, the Southeast Tibet, with the reputation of the Yangtze River of Tibet and Oriental Switzerland...". In the live streaming of JD Nyingchi House, a Tibetan college student is introducing her hometown to customers and recommending Tibetan products.

live streaming of JD Nyingchi House

JD Nyingchi House has been officially put into online operation since March 2021. During the first E-commerce Festival in Tibet, JD Nyingchi House achieved the sales of RMB 1.25 million and won the first place in the e-commerce sales of agricultural products in Tibet in the same period.

Behind the remarkable achievement of JD Nyingchi House, there are cooperation and support from the government, industry, and university research teams. The research teams composed of Zhejiang University, Dalian University of Technology, Southeast University and other universities gave full play to their scientific research advantages in e-commerce operation and management.

Guided by Prof. HU Xiangpei and Prof. WANG Mingzheng from ZJU-SOM, a research team led by ZHANG Yuankai, a post doctor of ZJU-SOM, stayed in Nyingchi for several months and solved problems with the operators of the Nyingchi House.

The team found that the promotion of agricultural products in Tibet was faced with unprecedented difficulties and challenges, such as high logistics costs, low consumer trust, high quality but low price. After discussion and communication with the operation team of Nyingchi House, the research team proposed scientific management and control to provide guarantee for the quality of agricultural products, like refining e-commerce operation to ensure the quality and price, thus helping the Nyingchi House achieving the sales of RMB 1.25 million, and also playing a think tank role in promoting the agricultural products in Tibet.

ZJU-SOM research team in Tibet

The support to Nyingchi House is one of the Tibet supporting plans proposed by the university teams since 2019. Led by Prof. HU Xiangpei and Prof. WANG Mingzheng of ZJU-SOM, the teams are composed of researchers and students from different universities, and have made contributions in the fields of e-commerce, logistics, brand promotion and talent development, promoting the digital transformation of Tibet.

This is a translation of the article by DUAN Ting published on ZJU-SOM WeChat Official Account.

Content and picture: ZHANG Yuankai