MBA student won the second prize in China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition

The final of the 19th China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition East Central League of 2021 "UBEST" Cup was successfully concluded in Nanjing University Business School. LI Jia, student of MBA cohort 2020, led his team to win the second prize and reached the final competition.

China MBA Entrepreneurship Competition is a top-level event enabling MBA students to show their innovative spirit and entrepreneurial achievements. It is an influential entrepreneurship competition for MBA students from Chinese and well-known overseas business schools. Since the establishment of the competition, more than 1000 start-ups have been incubated, such as, Megarobo, Unibrown, AVORI ONE and Dache, which successfully landed and got venture capital in a short time after the competition.

The competition this year includes two main events, namely MBA Business Plan Competition (regular competition) and Innovative Marketing Competition (special competition). The competition attracted 114 projects from 33 colleges and universities. The themes of projects reaching this competition covered a wide range, including integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, IoT technology, biomedicine, health and body care, new material technology, food and catering, home intelligence, pet life, logistics supply chain, education and training, etc. LI Jia’s team, Baize, made their project Industrially Customized High Performance MCU Design and won the competition price.

Baize team focuses on MCU (Micro Controller Unit, a kind of embedded system chips, widely used in various electronic products) design. Different from the general idea of MCU, Baize chooses to customize microchips for the industry. Members of Baize team are from NXP, Huawei and other leading enterprises, and have a deep understanding of the industry. Baize hopes to combine its own technological advantages with the market to contribute to the manufacturing capacity for the industry and create a better future for mankind.

The reviewers of the competition are full of praise to the Baize team. They believe the technology adopted by Baize is very pragmatic, as Baize does not blindly pursue advanced manufacturing process, but combines their technology with the accessible market. The reviewers are also very optimistic about the future development and growth space of Baize’s Project. Through this competition, Baize team has realized landing of the project. On the third day after the competition, the team completed the company registration and received orders from customers.


LI Jia concludes his experience regarding the competition as well as his entrepreneurship. Firstly, he emphasizes well preparation. He suggests to combine self-advantage with interest and experience, which will beneficial to catching up opportunities and cooperating with partners. Then he believes choosing the right partners who have common value and are trustable is very essential. Finally, he thinks the direction of a start-up needs to be chosen carefully and has to be matched with your ability and resources at the beginning.