Innovation and thoughts: a fruitful academic trip to Cambridge University


From 12th to 22nd July, 36 students from School of Management, Zhejiang University participated in the fruitful academic trip to Cambridge University. This Cambridge Academic Program intends to broaden students’ international horizon and provides them with an excellent access to the world top resources.

The program included academic research and cultural immersion, which not only provided our students with various academic lectures, but also created a chance for our students to visit the Cambridge campus and landmarks of London.


On the arrival date, Prof. Eden Yin, director of this program, extended his warm welcome with the question “What’s your first impression in Cambridge?”, and shared his experience of student life and thoughts of education discrepancies between China and Western countries. At the same time, he encouraged our students to actively participate in the discussion and develop a mind-set of critical thinking.


All the lectures in this program were given by heavyweight professors and senior lecturers in Cambridge University. The scholars’ persona charisma amazed students and their research spirit of pursuing the truth also deeply influenced our students. The subjects of the lectures were various including technology, culture, economy and management, etc. Prof. David, director of Innovation Center, introduced the history of Cambridge; Prof. Stuart shared his ideas of new energy; Prof. Rupert and Prof. Edward given the excellent lectures about innovation and Shakespeare; Prof. John and Prof. Piero interpreted AI from the perspective of philosophy and biology; Prof. Giammrio gave the lecture about Brexit; Prof. Eden Yin talked about brand globalization in the intelligent era.


Apart from academic lectures, students also had a chance to immerge themselves into the British culture and join in local entertainments. The students visited the well-known British Museum and landmarks of London to experience British humanism spirit, and tried salsa dance and British afternoon tea as a break.



On the last day of the program, our students presented their well-prepared group work of which the topics included Shakespeare Literature, Brexit, Education of China and Western Countries and AI, etc. The "Brexit" topic won the first prize, "Huawei" and "Innovation" ranked as second and third respectively.


Through this program, students experienced the history and research spirit of word top university, developed their critical thinking and were one step closer to the aim of innovation and entrepreneurship.