Celebrating #ZJUSOM Graduates|Achievements in 2022

The year 2022 was an extraordinary year for ZJUSOM; despite the hardships introduced by the ever-present pandemic, the faculty, students, and alumni of ZJUSOM have once again achieved several first-class achievements throughout the year contributing not only to the university but also to society.

The Remarkable Journey of FENG Wen: From Undergrad to Doctorate, Award-Winning Thesis and Beyond.

FENG Wen, an undergraduate alumnus of Zhejiang University’s School of Management completed her master’s degree at Columbia University, ultimately returning to ZJUSOM in 2016 to acquire a doctorate degree. In the year of her doctoral graduation, she won several thesis awards, such as the Excellent Doctoral Thesis of Zhejiang University in 2021; The Excellence Award for First China Excellent Doctoral Thesis in Innovation and Entrepreneurship; The Youth Award for 21st Zhejiang Outstanding Achievement Award in Philosophy and Social Sciences, etc. At present, she is parenting two children while also working at Renmin University’s School of Labor and Human Resources as a professor and a researcher.

You can learn more about FENG Wen’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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MIAO Weis Impactful Mission to Empower Nierong County: Enhancing Power Supply Reliability and Uplifting Quality of Life.

The Nierong County, located in the hinterland of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, has an average elevation of about 4,700 meters, an average annual temperature of minus 2 degrees Celsius, and a 48% less oxygen concentration than that of the mainland. This area was once deeply impoverished until Miao Wei, in 2018 resolutely led a team all the way from Zhejiang to Tibet in order to improve upon the overall management level of Nierong County Power Supply Co., Ltd. Together with his team, he drastically enhanced the reliability of its power supply, empowering the locals to utilize electricity in ways that uplifted their quality of life.

You can learn more about MIAO Wei’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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ZHU Mengyans Journey: From QTEM International Masters Program to Pursuing a Doctorate in Scientific Research.

In her senior years, Zhu Mengyan enrolled in ZJUSOM’s QTEM International Masters Program through postgraduate recommendation. This was incredible news for her as this was one of the most popular programs at the time which promised lucrative employment opportunities. Unsurprisingly, she secured an internship in an Internet company for three months. However, she found the 9 to 5 work schedule tiresome and monotonous; so, she resigned and hired a tutor to pursue a doctorate degree. She decided that scientific research is the best path for her, which proved to be one of the best decisions she ever made as she has had several articles published in the UTD24 journal of Management before she graduated.

You can learn more about ZHU Mengyan’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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A "Magician" Who Turns Digital Ideals Into Reality

An expert in digital solutions for Future Communities In Yucun, LIU Songfei attained his MBA in 2019 from Zhejiang University’s School of Management.

Encouraged by the joy brought on by his project and his willingness to contribute to common prosperity, he resolutely joined Greentown Weilai Shuzhi and devoted himself to the digital construction of Yucun’s future community.

As an MBA graduate, he applied theories such as digital innovation to augment the design and solve problems related to Yucun’s future community.

You can learn more about LIU Rongfei’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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Establishing Innovative Medical Assistance for Impoverished Patients with Heart Disease

An out-and-out Beijinger, LIU Qifang spent most of her life in the capital city, yet now Jilin has become her home.

Boldly resigning from her job in Beijing 9 years ago, she moved to Jilin to launch the "Special Medical Assistance Project for Public Welfare - Jixin Project" and established an innovative medical assistance model of "government medical insurance reimbursement + charity fund = full free of charge" for impoverished patients with heart disease.

For 9 years, she has been eating from lunch boxes and spending most of her time in hospitals daily. She led her team to more than 4,000 villages in Jilin Province, conducted more than 700 voluntary clinics, and helped more than 20,000 impoverished patients receive heart surgery for free. When publicizing the voluntary clinics in villages, she helped spread awareness about technology and its power to uplift poor communities to wealth by connecting agricultural sales channels and sideline products and setting up "heart-to-heart bridges" for the needy.

You can learn more about LIU Qifang’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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CHEN Jingshengs Career Transition and Commitment to Digitization of Manufacturing

In 2012, CHEN Jingsheng, with 10 years of experience in information software development and 7 years in team management, transitioned his career path from the transportation industry to intelligent manufacturing.

During the 12 years following enterprise development, he realized that digitization of manufacturing into "intelligent creation" for energy production with a demand-oriented approach to research and development is very important to change uncertainties to certainties.

achieved a breakthrough in research and development of core technologies, and endorsed digital transformation of the industry with years of technology precipitation. He insists that efforts have to be made to transition our society into digital and intelligent manufacturing.

You can learn more about CHEN Jingsheng’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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Exceptional Undergraduate: Success in Academics, Research, and Volunteer Work

When first entering Zhejiang University, like most ordinary undergraduates, she seldom spent time participating in new ventures and spent most of her time on her coursework.

After getting acquainted with the School of Management, not only was she first in her class, but also an excellent student who participated in several scientific research projects. Until now she has won more than 10 competition awards with her team, such as the National Gold Award in the "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the National Second Prize in the Optoelectronic Design Competition.

Her participation in several volunteer works and her endeavors in teaching children in Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, and Hebei are extremely laudatory. She was often involved in public welfare, as she led several teams to Jingdong and Yunnan for two consecutive years in order to contribute to local development. Not long ago, she also won the ZHU Kezhen Scholarship for Undergraduate Students of Zhejiang University in the 2021-2022 academic year.

You can learn more about SHAO Yiyue’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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Addressing Education Hollowing in Rural Areas: The Success Story of Fenshui Middle School Education Group

As technology gets better, cities develop exponentially, while towns and villages surrounding them are facing a grave problem of hollowing education – excellent teachers move on to big cities for better opportunities, while incompetent teachers are the only educators left behind for the children, and the township middle schools get emptier as time passes. As thousands of children are being educated by unqualified teachers, rural revitalization and common prosperity face a roadblock. 9 years ago, Fenshui Middle School Education Group in Tonglu County, Zhejiang also faced the same problem. However, with relentless support provided by a team led by JIN Ying, Vice President of EMBA Real Estate Association (Bee Association) at Zhejiang University’s School of Management, this township middle school, has become one of the most popular schools with a plethora of excellent teachers of all age groups, and its enrollment rate has not only improved but is considered to be one of the best.

You can learn more about JIN Ying’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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The Humble "Explorer" Who Understands the Light

In 2019, SHEN Xiaobin procured her undergraduate degree in Information Management and Information Systems from Zhejiang University’s School of Management. Following her graduation, she went to Carnegie Mellon University (one of the 25 new Ivy League universities in the United States) to acquire a master’s degree in information systems management; now she is working on her doctorate in Information Systems Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

According to Tong Yu, an undergraduate research tutor, she is a reliable student who is conscientious and responsible, never afraid of difficulties, and shows a willingness to explore. She has never stopped in fact, be it scientific research in school or data analysis in a personal recommendation internship.

You can learn more about SHEN Xiaobin’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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A Life of Service: From Childhood Dreams to Military Reality

JIANG Peiwen always aspired to be in the military since he was a child, he wished he could serve his country as a soldier and a fighter, so he was drafted into the army and served in the Shanghai Armed Police Corps. His squadron was responsible for patrolling the Shanghai Municipal Government, People’s Square, Nanjing East Road Pedestrian Street, Bund, and Xintiandi.

During his service, he experienced several hardships that come with military life including the mental pressure one has to endure when assigned patrol tasks. However, it also gave him a strong sense of purpose, because he knew that he would gleefully put his life on the line to defend his country.

You can learn more about JIANG Peiwen’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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Zhang Panlongs Journey: Joining the Army and Realizing the Importance of Serving the Country

For ZHANG Panlong, joining the army was an important turning point in his life. Spending time in a military camp helped him break away from the comfort of his home and helped him understand pain and suffering for the first time.

However, he never regretted making this choice, saying, "A man ought to fight on the battlefield for his country." Joining the army with a pen and devoting oneself to serving the country by picking up a steel gun is a worthwhile experience.

Training day and night helped him attain a strong physique, and a steady state of mind but more importantly, it helped him realize that the life he is grateful for now, came from soldiers like him who fought tooth and nail for his country and its sovereignty.

You can learn more about ZHANG Panlong’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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ZJU Alumna Creates Weiyu Grant to Support Education at Alma Mater

She is an EMBA graduate student at ZJUSOM who contacted the Zhejiang University Education Foundation on April 2022, saying that she wanted to establish a grant under her daughter’s name "Weiyu". The "Weiyu Grant of Zhejiang University" is an 18-year donation agreement between her and the university. The precocious child Weiyu most adorably advised the students at Zhejiang University to go to school well, eat well and sleep well! This is one of the best gifts a mother can give to her daughter, as it is everlasting and is dedicated to the welfare and education of thousands of students. For her, as an alumnus of Zhejiang University, it’s a token of gratitude to her alma mater!

You can learn more about her achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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The "Technical Manager" With Hight Social Responsibility

In 2015, YU Haiyuan co-founded DTSTACK which helps customers build an independent and controllable big data infrastructure and data sharing centers, tap data value and realize digital transformation of enterprises.

With accurate timing, a strong team, and a suitable strategic course, DTSTACK has obtained financing from Angel Round and Pre-A Round in less than half a year, with a total amount of CNY 40 million. In August of the same year, DTSTACK became the regional service provider of Alibaba Cloud and became the most influential regional service provider of Alibaba Cloud six months later.

"I just made the right decision at the right time", he said. He wants to use digital intelligence innovation to contribute to urban construction and hopes to do a little thing every year and take the initiative to assume corporate social responsibility.

You can learn more about NING Haiyuan’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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Nurturing Childrens Imagination Through Technology: Teacher Zhous Approach to Rural Education

There are many rural primary schools in Chunan of Hangzhou, Wushan of Chongqing, Ganzi of Sichuan, and Guangyuan of Sichuan, etc. At present, the scarcest commodity for impoverished children there is no infrastructure such as teaching buildings and playgrounds but correct vision and imagination.

ZHOU Yi or "Teacher ZHOU" for the children, is one of their favorite educators because she instructs her colleagues to nurture their students’ imagination through digital technology and high-quality reading. Children find his approach more entertaining and fun.

She asserted that: "public welfare cannot be accomplished by one person, no matter how strong their effort, it’s an activity that requires like-minded people to cooperate with each other. My colleagues and I worked overtime to implement Netease Public Welfare Little Snail Reading Center Program in a rural primary school, hoping to let rural children "read" more possibilities in the future and help accelerate the development of rural education and common prosperity."

You can learn more about ZHOU Yi’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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Zhejiang Universitys "Intelligent Finance" Team Wins Top Prize in AI Competition

In November this year, the Polychrome Finance team won the first "AI + RPA" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for Chinese College Students, which had 128 different teams as participants.

After more than five months of refining, from topic selection and technology learning to product development and value exploration, and then to achievements display and product promotion, the "Intelligent Stock Price Trend Forecast Based on Big Data" scheme jointly completed by them won the "AI Excellence Award".

It is worth mentioning that they come from the intelligent finance and accounting majors of Zhejiang University’s School of Management, and they are all members of the ZIFA intelligent finance team. This achievement cannot be separated from the cultivation of "intelligent finance" compound talents by the School of Management.

You can learn more about Polychrome Finance Team’s achievements  here  (Original article: in Chinese)

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Note: All the achievements above are those published by the official WeChat account of Zhejiang University’s School of Management, in 2022.

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