ZJU Capital Market Research Center

Founded in May 2017, ZJU-CMRC is devoted to research on quantitative investment, venture capital, and entrepreneurial finance. The Center received special funding of RMB10 million from Dr. CHEN Jun, founder-chairman of Goldport Capital and ZJU-SOM alumnus. Engaging industry practitioners is one of the Center’s primary objectives as it seeks to apply the most impactful research outcomes to teaching and learning.

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Research Pillars
Global Capital Seminar Series
Quant Investment Competition
The Center hosts symposiums regularly. “Global Financial Market Uncertainty and China’s Investment Opportunities” was held in 2017. “Opportunities and Challenges of securities investment of PE” was held in 2018. Scholars and practitioners gathered to present their research topics and industrial experience.
"Zijingang Capital" is held regularly on topics in financial management and capital market. Guest lectures from top universities and industry all over the world gave lectures to students and faculty who specialize in related fields.
Quant investment Competition offers students the opportunity to learn and apply quantitative skills through trading in a simulated experience.
ZJU-CMRC collaborates with partners around the globe and helps organizations understand the financial challenges and opportunities faced by the ever-changing market.