Zhejiang University Global Entrepreneurship Research Center (ZJU-GERC)

ZJU-GERC, an innovative academic institution that integrates multidisciplinary expertise and research teams, was conceived as a sustainable global research platform under the Double First-Class University Plan. With high-level research competencies and distinctive talent among its team, it focuses on fundamental research areas, including entrepreneurship competencies, leadership development, organizational capabilities, financial strategy, digital transformation, innovation strategy, and the psychology of entrepreneurship. The Center cooperates with the Miller Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Stanford) and the Silk-Road Entrepreneurship Education Network (SREEN). The work of the Center includes programs on female entrepreneurship and leadership development and cutting-edge research that offers innovative solutions to pressing issues.

The Center consists of an entrepreneurial decision-making laboratory, an action learning platform, and a professional development and assessment hub for management practitioners. Benefitting from the region’s dynamic economy and extensive resources, the Center leads a network of 20 joint SREEN platforms worldwide. It works in close cooperation with local businesses and renowned institutions such as Stanford University, Harvard Business School, Babson College, the University of Oxford, the University of London, Henley Business School, the University of Gothenburg, POLIMI Graduate School of Management, Queensland University of Technology, the Technical University of Munich, and Nagoya University of Commerce & Business.

Research Pillars