Academy of Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs

Established in 2011, the Academy of Global Zhejiang Entrepreneurs focuses on entrepreneurs from China’s Zhejiang province. Its mission is to study, support, enhance, and promote Zhejiang entrepreneurship around the world. Based at Zhejiang University, the Academy pools disciplinary and social resources to conduct academic research, provide training for talented professionals, and offer consulting services.


The Academy monitors the latest developments among Zhejiang entrepreneurs on the global stage. It focuses on the entrepreneurial innovations of Zhejiang businesses, their global operations, and their sustainable development initiatives, integrating top-level researchers to develop business case studies, analyze policy impact, and generate groundbreaking management theories.


The Academy coordinates a network of high-quality resources on the development and practices for business organizations representing Zhejiang entrepreneurs, as well as related communities, social organizations, and administrative agencies. Support from entities related to Zhejiang entrepreneurs constitute a crucial source of operational funding for the Academy. In addition, through collaborative mechanisms such as mentorship programs, onsite-learning workshops, and corporate internships, the Academy connects Zhejiang entrepreneurs to the latest business leadership training while bringing ZJU-SOM students into closer contact with the business world.


Among the Academy’s primary concerns are emerging and developmental trends in Zhejiang entrepreneurship. Through field consulting, business summit forums, and collaborative case research, the Academy connects the strategic goals of Zhejiang entrepreneurs to national objectives, widening the scope for sustainable growth of Zhejiang businesses.

Research Institutes
Reports and Publications
The Academy has published reports and indices to keep track of the development of Zhejiang entrepreneurs from different perspectives and to strengthen academic impact on sustainable development of Chinese companies and the global network of Zhejiang entrepreneurs.

Index for Healthy Chinese Business

With analyses of the status quo of Chinese enterprises and map out routes for sustainable development, the index takes a specific focus each year. For instance, themed with “innovation and adaptation”, the 2016 report concentrates on the healthy transformation and upgrading of enterprises. The 2017 research was based on an investigation of 1353 senior-level managers from 31 provinces and regions of China.

40-year Entrepreneurship in Zhejiang 1978-2018

A report depicting the development of private economy and Zhejiang entrepreneurs since China’s Reform and Opening-up in 1978, with a thorough exploration of the unique business culture of Zhejiang critical to its success.

Chinese Corporate Innovation Report

Taking China’s A-share listed companies as samples, the School’s research team has commenced in depth investigation on the innovation capability and operational efficiency of China’s listed companies in 2015 and presents changes of innovation in Chinese companies in their annual reports.

The Legend of Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Book Series

With analyses and feature stories, this book series tells changes, strategy and organizational innovation of some of the most well-known Zhejiang enterprises, including Wahaha, Wanxiang, Wensli, and Fotile etc.

Internal Control Index for Zhejiang Listed Companies

The Index gives a holistic view of the status-quo and trends of Zhejiang listed companies with analyses of five key parameters of internal control system. It also presents a list of top companies with outstanding internal control quality based on a thorough and objective evaluation.