National Institute for Innovation Management (NIIM)

NIIM is dedicated to building a world-leading innovation thinktank and research platform to explore theory on innovation and advanced business practices.

Initiating China-based innovation management research, NIIM has made significant contributions to the theory and practice of technological innovation, proposing new approaches and paradigms, including Secondary Innovation Management, Portfolio Innovation Management, Total Innovation Management, and C Theory.

NIIM organizes regular international conferences, symposia, and forums with academic and corporate partners. These offer opportunities for researchers and practitioners to share, interact, and identify critical problems as the basis for new research.
Research Pillars
NIIM carries out innovation research across a wide spectrum
Global Outreach
NIIM is committed to working across boundaries to achieve academic excellence and has developed multifaceted cooperation with
world-renowned institutions and leading enterprises in joint research, student joint supervision, faculty exchange, and scholarly visits.
Zhejiang & Leeds Joint Institute
ZJU & Haier Joint Research Center
Joint Research Center for Global Manufacturing and Innovation Management
Joint Research Center for Innovation Management and Sustainable Competitiveness